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A Boutique Talent Agency

 Crossbeam Talent is a full service agency representing all ages.

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About Us

Expertise. Timeliness. Communication. Professionalism.

The right person for the job – without fail.

If you’re looking for any (or all) of the above, you’ve come to the right place.

Spearheaded by veteran agent Linda Ryan, Crossbeam Talent represents a duo commitment to give both
talent and casting directors the attention and service they need for a home run every time they step to
the plate.

For casting directors, this means constant back-and-forth communication, scrutinizing attention, and
top-tier quality service that only a team with several years of successful experience can bring. Linda
Ryan, Owner and active Agent, is always in work mode – day or night. Emails, deadlines, budgets,
portfolios… you name it, she’s on top of it. Linda believes in integrity, treating people with love and
respect, keeping to your word, and never burning bridges. She works like a machine, but she’s very
much human. (A great one, too!)

You can’t provide the total package that Crossbeam does if you don’t have a dog in the fight. We’ve got
several dogs – and they’re all hungry.

For talent, this means giving what you put in. Crossbeam makes the needs of our talent a priority; we
work day and night to provide you exceptional opportunities with best deals possible. We expect
professionalism, dedication, and reliability in return. This isn’t a hobby; productions want only the best,
and we give it to them. That starts with you. You will be expected to have your materials up-to-date,
continuing to train and hone your chops, and meet your deadlines. Apply willing to work hard, and we’ll
work even harder for you.

Union or non-union, our talent always brings their A-game.

Thank you, sincerely, for coming to us. We look forward to working with you – again and again.




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Shannon Reis

I have worked with Linda Ryan for several years. We love working with Linda!! She is always so organized and efficient. I have booked several of her talent on various projects. My clients have always been pleased with the level of talent submitted by Linda, and I have always appreciated the level of professionalism provided by her as well.

Dustin Lewis

As a SAG-AFTRA actor and instructor at Drama Inc., I work with many actors seeking representation. Linda has always been very supportive and willing to "show up" to our showcases and to seek out new and seasoned talent alike. I am always sure to recommend any actor to Crossbeam Talent, they will be treated in a caring and profession manner and Linda will always have their best interest in mind.

Catherine Dyer

As an acting studio owner and headshot photographer, I have worked with Linda, and many of the Crossbeam actors in the capacity of teacher, coach or photographer. Linda is knowledgeable, professional and committed to the betterment of her clients and to our market in general.

Cathy Reinking

I’m a veteran casting director and, as you can imagine, have worked with possibly thousands of agents and agencies in my career. I feel comfortable fully endorsing Linda as one of the best.

Jason MacDonald

I have found Linda to a passionate professional and extremely dedicated to raising the bar in the South East market. I believe Crossbeam is committed to representing actors who are focused on craft and training. 


Our Project List





General Mills



Go Pivot

Kaiser Permanente

United Way

The General



WaWa Siptopia


Albert Pharmaceutical


Avadian Credit Union

Winn Dixie

Wal Mart


Home Depot

Dark Waters

Your Worst Nightmare

Homicide Hunter


Minute Man

Road to Boston


Underground Railroad



House of Cards



Queen of the South

Fear the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Student Body

The Passage


Fear Street

The Resident



WASP Network

Star Girl

*In Production



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